A global leader in online gaming products

Ensuring an excellent and interactive customer journey in a very safe environment

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Reliable gaming products

Our customers can trust the reliability of our gaming products, addressed to both players and B2B partners.

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An enthusiastic team of developers

Our team of developers representing Silvernote Trading Limited has an in-depth experience and dedication for establishing successful gaming products.

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About Us

A unique gaming experience

Unique experience, great partnerships and organic growth to our customers from across the world.

Our company is a global leader in the online gaming entertainment industry and we offer unique experience, great partnerships and organic growth to our customers.

We focus on developing knowledge for backend and php coding, designed at the highest standards of quality.



We have only one mission, which is to ensure unique and best gaming experience to our customers. In order to do that, we use special ingredients, such as innovations, rewarding products and customer support. And we never forget the social responsibility!



Our team concentrates all efforts and knowledge to increase shareholders’ value. The way we do it is organically, by achieving growth through retention and acquisition, and through strategic acquisitions.

Why Silvernote?

A world-class gaming experience:

Silvernote Trading Limited focuses its entire experience and knowledge to maintaining the forefront of the social gaming industry. Its aim is to allow both players and B2B partners experience a world-class gaming experience, based on innovation and comprehension.

Silvernote Trading Limited, a leader in responsible social gaming, has as core objective customer’s satisfaction, as well as the creation of strong online communities which share common interests.

Social responsibility is also a must for Silvernote Trading Limited, who is committed to a pro-active policy of corporate and social responsibility which emphasizes professionalism and high ethical standards the company has.

We concentrate our strategy on:

Leading as a B2B provider (seeking for major and valuable opportunities)

Focusing on strategic acquisitions

Being always one step ahead our competitors and exploiting strategic changes

Always remaining responsible

Gaming anywhere you want

Every device on which you play

The gaming industry has a high level of flexibility and our team of developers at Silvernote Trading Limited can create gaming products compatible with a wide range of devices working on the most popular operating systems.

Our Principles

Customer oriented

Our corporate partners can benefit from customer oriented products, as our developers will take into consideration the needs of the gaming market when creating new products. Silvernote Trading Limited is oriented to satisfy the consumer demand on every relevant aspect. At Silvernote Trading Limited, customer satisfaction represents one of the core values which defines our corporate policy.

The Mission

Silvernote Trading Limited is dedicated to creating backend coding, which refers to computational logics defining a programme that can be used for various purposes, including gaming software. Our team of experienced developers can create numerous components and features designed for front-end applications addressed to our end users, providing a high level of reliability. Our backend development I comprised of knowledge and professional coding, meeting the standards required by our partners.


The digital world represents a dynamic environment, defined by a high degree of innovation. Our team of developers is constantly updating its backend coding resources in order to meet the demand of the market, thus assuring a reliable gaming experience, tailored in accordance with the current needs of our clients. Our coding systems are trustworthy and our corporate values will always assume responsibility for the products we create at Silvernote Trading Limited.

Our Services

Social gaming

We focus on online entertainment destinations where our customers can enjoy an interactive and unique experience. We constantly provide to our customers responsive and dynamic gaming experience, adapted to their needs and standards.Our gaming experiences appeal to a wide range of consumers and wishes. And our platform is more than dedicated to playing online games, but also to creating communities and share common interests.

Finest marketing solutions

Productive and original are the key elements we use to develop solutions for our brands and customers. And our teams are constantly trained to adapt to the environment, understand and efficiently use customer’s strengths and, most important, be one step ahead of the competition. Our team of developers can create products which will implement our customers’ main requirements, in order to set out a positive gaming experience designed to represent the interests of all the parties involved in this process.

B2B services

We focus on understanding our individual customers as well as our partners and this focus is one of our top priorities. Our team concentrates efforts on caring for our customers and protecting the vulnerable, in our way to providing online entertainment which completes our lives.We are always investing time and creative energy in order that our customers have access to a friendly and caring online gaming platform.

Contact us

Phone Number: + 44 (1224) 928564

Email Address: info@silvernote-trading.com

Address: 62 Queens Road, Aberdeen, Queenspoint House, AB15 4YE¸ United Kingdom

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