World’s most important online gaming provider

As one of the world’s most important online gaming provider, Silvernote Trading Limited has gained his popularity offering online gaming entertainment and marketing solutions.

The company ensures an excellent and interactive customer journey in a very safe environment.

A world-class gaming experience

Silvernote Trading Limited focuses its entire experience and knowledge to maintaining the forefront of the social gaming industry. Its aim is to allow both players and B2B partners experience a world-class gaming experience, based on innovation and comprehension.

Silvernote Trading Limited, a leader in responsible social gaming, has as core objective customer’s satisfaction, as well as the creation of strong online communities which share common interests.

Social responsibility is also a must for Silvernote Trading Limited, who is committed to a pro-active policy of corporate and social  responsibility which emphasizes professionalism and high ethical standards the company has.

We concentrate our strategy on:
Leading as a B2B provider (seeking for major and valuable opportunities)

Focusing on strategic acquisitions

Being always one step ahead our competitors and exploiting strategic changes

Always remaining responsible